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About Horst Becker

HORST Becker discovered his love for horses as he got his first pony from his parents at the age of eleven. Later he was given a Württemberger gelding.
His Seminar about Classical Dressage, Dobble longe and free dressage he is now teaching all over europe. His speciality is the modern training philosphy in the horse sport. Show jumping, dressage- as well as gaited and western riders are searching for his advice concerning this.  In these clinics and seminars mostly the biomechanical processes in the horse are adressed and new ways to succes are searched for- on top of that new excersises are worked towards.


Born in Walldorf, Horst Becker founded after a two year stay in France the stud Spieckerhaus in the Lüneburger Heide in Germany. Here he worked for neary 10 years and developed his extraordinary trainingsystem. In this time he also got to know Fredy Knie in Reken in Germany. Afterwards Horst Becker spend a lot of his time in Switzerland, where he learned a lot from Fredy Knie. In this time he was mainly and intensly focusing on the free dressage, and the rest of his training with dressage horses as well as riding in total benefited from this time. On top of that, the former director of the spanish Hofreitschule, professor Kurst Albrecht had a major influence on Horst Becker and accopmpanied him for several years. 


Expertforum Pferdegerecht (Horse friendly)

 Logo Expertenforum pferdegerecht2002 Horst Becker founded the Expertforum Horse firendly, which was presented to the public in line with the "Pferd und Jagd" (Horse and hunting) on the fair ground in Hannover.  The main motto is "horse friendly assistence with the view for the whole" and several selected experts such as saddlers, hoof care specialists and farriers, physiotherapists, as well as trainers from different disciplines work together. Goal is to give the rider a pool of selected experts out of all fields around the horse in order to enable a holistic view on the horse. More information available under following link:


Other activities

Next to the ongoing seminars and his function as the organizer of the experforum, Horst Becker is also acitve in several other functions. Being the author of several books and videos about te training and education of the horse, Horst Becker put his yearlong experience of his daily work with horses in formats that enable others to learn from this. More information about his DVDs and books you can also find under DVDs and books

On top of that Horst Becker developed in cooperation with the company Passier & Sohn in Hannover his own saddles, that were adjusted to the anatomic viewpoints of the horse and can be adjusted to each horse individually. The saddles are build especially for baroque horses, gaited horses and other horses and range from dressage, show jumping to eventing and gaited horses saddles. More information to the different saddles, that can be order by Horst Becker, you can find under Saddles

Next to the made to measure Saddles, Horst Becker also developed a longing girth in cooperation with the company Passier & Sohn. This longing girth enables the horses to stay free in their withers during longing. Just like with a saddle is is important that a longing girth enables horses to move freely under it. Through the especially developed metal bow, the longing girth from Horst Becker gives the horse the freedom it needs to move freely and withouth pressure. More information about the longing girth can be found under Longing girth

Furthermore, Horst Becker also developed another equipment for the longing of horses. Also this gymnastic reign was develop in cooperation with the company Passier & Sohn. The gymnastic reign enables the horse mobility in all directions and with that is a good supplement for the losening and stretching as well as collection on the longe. More information about the gymnastic reign can also be found under Gymnastik reign.

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