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During his longstanding activty as rider and trainer of horses, Horst Becker noticed that more than 80% of all "riding" problems have their cause within non- or illfitting equipment. Mostly this concerns the saddle, which does not lie on the horse correctly and with that inhibits the horse in his natural movement. The many problems with the saddle may be a result of a more sensitive horse back through the modern breeding and housing in stables. Once a horse has a problem with its saddle, no rider and no trainer can compensate for this in the long term.
Only with a correctly fitting saddle can perfect riding results on a confident horse be achieved. On good approach to developing the riding talents and reaching forward is therefore to let the fit of the saddle be checked by an expert.
Because of this motivation, Horst Becker is working together with Passier for many years already. One good result out of this cooperation is the Horst Becker Classic Dressage Saddle, which will be customized for any horse and is also available in a special fit for baroque horses.
For ordering this saddle please visit our Online-Shop and select in the Menu the desired saddle. You will also find more information about the saddles there. On top of that, complimentary product such as other equipment such as stirrups or leather care can also be bought in our shop.


Trainings unit together with a saddle check!

 Problems with riding mostly need to be solved at two different places- at the saddle and at the training.Horst Becker gives advice on how the saddle should be changed and if necessary directly contacts the saddler in order to communicate these changes sufficiently. When the saddle is a model from Passier, the changes will directly be communicated with Passier and the changing will be executed through them as well.
In line with that the training unit will show how problems with the muscles are to be solved. Here the focus is on finding out whether the problems result from an non or ill-fitting saddle or if the rider needs to change the training of the horse. Finally a trainingsplan will be developed together with the rider in order to work again efficiently and horse friendly towards success.

  • Time exposure around 2 hours- Costs including travel (when appropriate) 100 Euro.

If necessary, Horst Becker will visit a second time in order to see how the saddle fits and adjust the training appropriately.

  • Time exposure around 1,5 hours - Consts including travel (when appropriate) 100 Euro
    If you want to make an appointment, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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