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Longing girth

longiergurt passier


Together with the company Passier and Son from Hannover, Horst Becker developed a longing girth.
The longing girth should have the same fit as a good fitting saddle and should not wedge in the withters or the spinous process and it should not limit the movement of the shoulder. Therefore, the longing girth developed by Horst Becker is open on top and the sides are simply connected by a metalbow. Through this structure the side parts are able to algin themselves with the body of the horse ideally. This way the building of muscles is optimally supported. The girth has five rings on each side in order to allow an exact consideration of the individual low point of the horse. The belly strap is exchangable and therefore adjustable in its length which enables the girth to fit on horses of different heights.
Of course you can order the longing girth through our Webshop under Longing Equipment.


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