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What's new on Horst Becker's Gymnastic Rein?

This auxiliary rein was developed by Horst Becker during his years of experience in training horses. He didn't find an optimal auxiliary rein on the market that he could use for lungeing, so he started to create one himself.

Gymnastic Rein 01

  • It's flexible to all sides!
  • It helps to supple stiff horses or horses that became hard in their mouth.
  • It works very good on horses that are so blocked that they need a special suppling- and build-up program
  • It's not forcing the horse in a 'position'
  • It gives the horse a chance to move in a relaxed way
  • It has safety-clips, they break when there's too much pressure
  • It doesn't work on the tongue or teeth of the horse, only in the corners of his mouth
Gymnastic Rein 02

How do you use the Gymnastic Rein?

When the horse is blocked in his back, it will search for a position that doesn't hurt. When you force such a horse in a position, you will make the problems worse and the horse becomes more stiff and blocked.
The Gymnastic Rein gives the horse a chance to move in a position that doesn't hurt. Young horses are helped by this rein, because they can find their balance much easier. Because of the safety-clips your horse has no risk of being hurt in the mouth; the clips break when there is too much pressure on it.

Gymnastic Rein 03

Two different ways to attach this rein allow you to change the position of the horse. The first makes the horse supple and makes the horse lower his head relaxed. The second is to make the back work a little harder and to get more connected to the bit.

But: The way this rein works is very different from other auxiliary reins. This rein only works in the corners of the mouth, and not on the sensitive tongue. It works like the 'high inner hand'.


The rein is attached to the girth on the withers, then goes through a small rolling hook behind the ears, then through the bit and from there back to the girth between the fore-legs. In this way the rein is completely flexible to all sides, because of the rolling hook. The small amount of pressure that then arises, only comes from above into the corners of the horse's mouth. The horse then opens his mouth,  starts chewing and starts collecting.

In this way his head is lower, the neck is round and that makes the back supple and round.
This helps the horse to really 'swing' through his body. In the same time the withers are opened and the hindquarters and belly-muscles are suppled in a very effective way.

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