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Broadening our offer: Training unit with saddle check

If problems occur with riding the horse they mostly have to be fixed from two sites- the saddle and the riding. With this offer Horst Becker is giving advice on if and how the saddle should be changed and directly talks- if requested and necessary- with the saddler. If the saddle is a model from Passier, the necessary changes will directly be communicated with the company of Passier.

In order to do so the training unit includes a check of whether the problems result from the wrongly fitting saddle or if the rider needs to adjust the training of the horse. Afterwards a trainingplan is created in ccoperation with the rider in order to reach the desired goal effectively and in a horse friendly manner.

For information about the prices and to make an appointment, please send a Mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Rollkur- Hyperflexion or the so called "LDR" (Low Deep Round)-Trainingmethod in the horse sport?

Shortly said: With all three "methods" the horses head is pulled extremely towards the chest of the horse, enabling it to literally bite into its own chest. The rider achieves this, by using his reign to put enorm pressur on the bit and with that forcing the horse to hold its head in this position.
Is this comfortable or bad for the horse? Please try it out yourself. Press your chin strongly onto your chest. You will directly notice, that the muscles in your neck will become completely overstretched. Imagine that you would have to perform peak performance in this position. And this not only once but over and over again. Surely you noticed that also your field of vision is extremly limited by holiding your head this way. For the human the limited vision is strange but for the flightanimal horse this is torture: Without its usual visual angle the horse is not in the state of fleeing. Rollkur & Co do not only lead to physical but also psychological problems in the horse.

Help us with one mouseclick and your signature to ban and outlaw these "trainingmethods". The horses will thank you for it!

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